Meet The Team

BlogOn has become bigger and bigger each year and therefore Laura has created herself a little pod of minions to help her run the day to day stuff. Some old timers, some newbies, some completely crazy weirdos but all in all a good bunch. Read more about them here and then click their photo to see where they blog. We've added in a random fact about each... just because. 



Laura is the founding member of BlogOn and is the BOSS. She is the one who does the speeches, the organising of those awesome brands and goody bags and all the crazy leg work that goes on behind the scenes. She blogs at @TiredMummyOfTwo when she's not doing crazy BlogOn prep. Random Fact: She was on 4 Weddings and was that one who had the Halloween wedding... go look it up, it's awesome!


Alice is that tall blonde one with the gob, you'll probably see her running around like a headless chicken at the Conferences but in real life she's a blogger at @LifeAsAliceBlog and does all BlogOn's boring stuff behind the scenes. Random Fact: She was once on Deal or No Deal and also likes Gin.


Kara is a busy mother of 6 children and lives in Dorset. They can often be found leaping in muddy puddles or hurling themselves off cliffs via ziplines all for fun of course. Kara blogs about her family adventures and can be found at @ChelseaMamma. Random Fact: She once appeared in a TV advert for a car polish... but was not allowed to use the actual polish on the car as it would have taken the paint off.


Down to earth, Dad of two boys who makes daily videos with his family over at @TheWoodhouseLife and Is the founder of @BlendedParentNetwork, an inclusive network for ALL parents. Random Fact: His left leg is covered In Elvis Presley Tattoos... we've insisted he wears shorts all year round as proof.


Fran is the tired creator/owner of two small people who don't sleep enough, and she writes a blog about them over at @WhingeWhingeWine, mainly as a form of therapy. She recently won the Mumsnet Bloggers Best Comic Writer award and is also the co-founder of @youhave2laugh. Random Fact: She shares a birthday with her husband and is a lover of terrible jokes.


Susan is a working mother of two “princes” and a “little princess” – She blogs over at Once Upon A Time which is the story of their life in a “fairytale town” in Scotland. Since beginning to blog in January 2010 she has been nominated for several awards and is a Vuelio top ten mummy and parent blogger in the UK and is an all round good egg. She is also found over at @susankmann. Random Fact: she can touch her nose with her tongue & can say the alphabet backwards really fast (you so tried doing that whilst you read this).


Charly Dove is a business owner, multi-award nominated blogger and photographer. She has 20 years' experience in the marketing industry having held senior positions at various London agencies. Charly is Editor of two blogs; parent and lifestyle blog PODcast and family & adventure travel blog POD Travels. She lives in Surrey with her husband and daughter 'POD'. Random Fact: She is terrified of jellyfish and has a button phobia, not all buttons but certain really scary ones!... OK then!


Zoe has created herself a very successful business around her Blog @MamaGeek. She is a web developer, designer, and blogger with over 10 years of WordPress experience. She works with WordPress blogs and commercial websites as a self employed freelancer, providing both support services and full site development. She also creates media packs, business cards & other documents when required for both businesses & bloggers. Random Fact: She spent her 18th birthday at Niagara Falls in Canada... *fancy* But couldn't have a legal drink because the drinking age is 19 in Ontario! *sob*


Simone is the one who tends to write as she speaks and has been working in the blogging world since 2010. Likes to blog about fitness (ran the #WeightLossWednesday linky), single parenting life, general randomness and manages several blogs including @simslife. Random Fact: She's a staunch Chelsea fan who worships Diego Costa... despite residing in Manchester!


Jenny, lover of LEGO and reluctant cat-owner. Good at hugs and putting the world to rights. Looks fabulous for a 63 year old. Has blogged at The Brick Castle for the last 4 years, yet still hasn't tried every toy invented. She is over on Social Media at @TheBrickCastle too. Random Fact: Spent 8 years breastfeeding in total and used that time to score 7 Platinum game trophies on the Playstation.


Clare Nicholas is a married Mum to two livewire whirlwinds, Blogging life's adventures and misadventures over at Emmy's MummyClare loves procrastinating, gin & chocolate and has a bad habit of remembering deadlines at 3am. Random fact: Clare can wiggle her ears and was a Nanny for an actresses children.