Tips on Being Conference Ready For BlogOn 2017

Whether it's your first of fifth visit to a Blog On Conference you will no doubt find yourself preparing weeks in advance for the event. With all the excited chatter on social media, you have probably realised that there are just over 4 weeks to go! Blog On really is one of the blogging highlights of the year, so we thought you may like some tips on ensuring you are conference ready...

How to start Vlogging...

So when my wife asked me three years ago if I wanted to start ‘Vlogging’ I thought she had been watching too much Fifty Shades and had to make her explain what the hell it was. I only just got my head around why people blog, let alone film themselves for other random folk to watch.                                                                      My wife had the idea of making a daily video of what we got up to...

How to talk to brands at events

I'm not the bravest of people, that's why I mainly hide behind a keyboard. For a lot of bloggers a conference is the first time you'll actually be face to face with people who know you as your 'blog persona'. People who understand what you do. It can all be a bit overwhelming and that's before you even consider going over and talking to any of the brands. 

What to expect from a blogging conference - Tips from an old timer

I’ve been blogging for over 7 years and I attended my first ever blogging event back in 2010. Many moons ago. It was fab and if you can believe it was my first ever trip to London. Yes I know? I’m a small town Scottish girl at heart. Now I’m no “pro-blogger” but I do love my blog, it’s my space to write an my space to love. This is why I go, to build on and make my blog better each time.


Photographing children is very much about capturing an emotion, an expression or a moment that might otherwise be forgotten. Rather like freezing time, these photographs enable us to retain precious memories and often recall how we felt. My daughter is more than used to having a camera pointed at her. Not that she welcomes posing of course – unless it comes with a comedy stance and a silly expression! That said, she can burst out laughing straight afterwards and what a wonderful photo that makes. 

Blog Planning 2017

It doesn't matter how long you have been blogging for, be it 5 months or 5 years – we all get to a point where we look blankly at the screen for hours sitting here with thoughts in our heads but nothing making it onto the screen and of course there will be times when you have absolutely no idea what you want to blog about.

BlogOn Winter Linky

We love reading what you all think about each BlogOn conference, so we've set up a linky below so that we can keep up with them. Please read and comment on each other's and catch up with some of the new friends you met whilst wearing those ridiculous cracker hats. 

Blog On MSI Conference - May 2016

The latest Blog On Event took place over the Bank Holiday weekend at the Manchester Science and Industry Museum.

Attended by some of the UK’s most influential parenting bloggers, the networking event is becoming a magnet for toy companies and leading UK brands. It provides an opportunity for brands to meet bloggers face to face to showcase new products, and to also forge working relationships to build their brand amongst their key target audience.

Blog On Win 2015

Blog On Win was the first and long awaited Blog On Conference in the south of England. It was held at the spectacular Winchester Science Centre on Saturday 3rd October 2015 and provided 80 bloggers with the opportunity to meet like-minded folk, share ideas and experiences, expanding networks and develop relationships with brands.