Other Services

Laura Seaton, the founder of BlogOn, has a series of other services for Brands and Companies. To take advantage of her vast blogging and social media knowledge and database, please contact her via the Contact Us page stating the service you require.

To see how you can contribute to our Conferences check out the Brands and Sponsorship page.


Blogger Outreach

Whether you are looking for bloggers to review products, host competitions, attend events or for sponsored content BlogOn have a huge network at our disposal. BlogOn started in 2012 as an event that allowed bloggers from all genres to come together and learn the importance of working with companies in a professional manner. The events are still a big part of what we do and 2015 saw BlogOn expand into Cardiff and Winchester as well as yet another sellout event in Manchester. 

If you are looking to find bloggers who are perfect for your campaign or if you would like us to run a campaign for you please get in touch. We offer a range of services and can provide you with advice on how to get the make the most out of your brief.

Social Media Management

Is your social media lacking interaction?

Maybe you have built up a fan base but don't know where to go next?

BlogOn can help. Keeping up to date with all of the changes in Social Media can be a full-time job in itself but working with us will allow you to concentrate more on the day to day running of your company knowing that your social media is in good hands. 

Social Media is a very individual thing and understanding what works and what doesn't for your company is the first step forward. We will discuss all of the different platforms and work together to create a Social Media plan that will work for you. With monthly reporting showing engagement, you will be able to see a real return in your investment. 

Please get in touch to discuss the different ways we can support you. 


Training and Consultancy

If you already have a team in place but you feel that they need a bit of help getting started or if ideas are starting to stagnate then we are here to help. Whether an informal idea storming session, training on a set platform or if you want some ideas on how to improve we can find ways to help.  With years of experience in Social Media and Blogger Outreach as well as the ability to think outside the box we can help you save time and money with your future campaigns by giving your staff the skills they need.