#BlogOnMSI 2017 Sessions

Please Note: Sessions can be subject to change and the timetable is not confirmed at this moment.

Keynote - 10.40am - 11am

"Shite I Gotta Get Done"

with Nickie O'Hara

Tips From a Planning Ninja

How to write down all the right things and make them make sense.

Session 1

11.00 - 11.45am


Photo styling

with Mel Knibb

  • An interactive session, full of practical tips. 
  • Ideas you can implement straight away to improve your photo styling. 
  • Tips on how to style photos quickly so you can tell your story. 
  • What kind of props to use and where to source them (cheaply or for free).
  • An opportunity to practise towards the end of the session.

**Please note that this session is not a photography session in the technical sense. No photography knowledge is required and it is suitable for both phone or DSLR users.

Advertising and promoting your blog

with Tim Liew

Are you looking to grow your blog? In this session, Tim will offer practical tips as to how you can use your social media channels to promote your blog via both free tools and paid advertising, including a step-by-step introduction to Facebook ads


Working with brands

with Duncan Murray, Ruth Jackson & Laura Seaton

This session will focus on how to create relationships with brands and keep them, along with the do's and don'ts for doing review posts.


BlogOn - Video Session.jpg

Youtube planning and filming

with Colette Burgess

A practical session where we will discuss and plan our channels collaboratively and think about how we can take them to the next level. We will look at planning content, storyboarding and filming techniques as well as brainstorming together our goals for our channels and how we can accomplish them.

Session 2

12.45 - 1.30pm

Photo Technical

with John Arnold

Ever wondered what all those shooting modes on your camera mean? Taking the main modes one by one John Arnold will explain how your camera really works and which mode to choose for each situation. He'll explain what aperture, shutter speed and ISO are and how each shooting mode uses them. He'll teach you when to use a tripod or a flash, when to change your white balance or ISO and even when to use the scary looking fully Manual mode.

Wayne Gupta

Going Pro - 6 steps to take you there

with Aby Moore

This session includes everything you need to know about going pro and will hopefully give you the confidence to kick start your path to professional blogging. It will cover goals/niche's, plans, content - seo, repurposing/upgrading, community, collaboration, social media strategy, design/maintenance and diversification/passive income/Email list. Don't forget your pen, you'll want to take notes.

Donna Ward


with Zoe Corkhill

Find out how to keep your WordPress blog running smoothly and securely. I’ll tell you which plugins I recommend, how to keep your blog from being hacked, and how to make your blogging life easier with some of my favourite tips and tricks.

Jean Peterson

Youtube Editing

with Siân Russell

The video editing session will show you different styles of editing and suggest how editing techniques can make the same footage look entirely different. If you're struggling with the basics, or looking for some more advanced tips, then this is the session for you. There's no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to editing video, especially when you're first starting out. After the session you will feel more confident about editing and able to edit in a shorter space of time.

Session 3

2.15 - 3.00pm

Photographing PeoplE

with Hayley Willis

This session will cover contemporary portraiture and photographing children. I'll cover the practical tips & basics of portrait photography and how to set up kid-friendly shots and bring out a child's personality. I'll also share my top editing tricks to make people look their absolute best, along with a practical demo where I'll take some headshots and talk people through the process.

Catherine Sanchez

Advanced blogging shite

with Jax Blunt

Jax has been blogging nearly 14 years and using wordpress for 13 of those. With a background in programming, and a tendency to *really* focus on detail she's explored all kinds of interesting blogging issues over the years, positioning her beautifully to give today's workshop on what comes after you've covered the basics of blogging. Find her on twitter @liveotherwise ahead of the conference if there's anything specific you'd like her to cover. 

Arthur Sato

Instagram to instabank

with Harriet Shearsmith

Learn simple and effective ways to grow your followers, build engagement, pitch to brands and make money from your Instagram account. Includes Knowing your worth/what to charge, How to develop a successful profile, Why Instagram is BIG money in 2017 and How to make £300+ from one image.

Diana Sharma

Youtube - after editing

with Luke Woodhouse

So you have spent hours making this amazing video..now what? All that time and effort will be wasted if you don't think about 'after edit' 

We will be looking at where to share, thumbnails, promotion, networking, building a community and much more. YouTube is a strange beast and I hope to help you understand it a little bit more.


Session 4

3.45 - 4.30pm

Accounting for Bloggers

with Dawn Brown

This session will be covering all the accounting basics for blogging. Self assessments, what you can and can’t claim as expenses, should I set up a Limited Company, what records should I keep, how much tax will I need to pay? etc. Info all bloggers need to know.


with Grace Hall

We’ll be talking all things Pinterest in this session, including:Actionable tips to help you get more blog traffic from Pinterest.Setting up and/or auditing your Pinterest profile. Updating your existing content for Pinterest. How to use Pinterest to inspire new content for your blog.Using Tailwind to schedule posts

Photo Editing

with Charly Dove

If your photography is coming on well, but your editing skills need taking up a notch, this is the session for you. Charly will introduce you to some of the tools and methods (free and paid for) you can use to brighten, sharpen, colour correct, and tidy your photos, plus much more to make your blog’s imagery really stand out. 


with Ciara Atwell

If you're just starting out building a Facebook page or are a long-time user who's frustrated with lack of growth and engagement then this session is for you. We'll talk about how to find your perfect audience, grow your Facebook following and drive traffic to your blog, all in just 15 minutes per day.


4.45 - 5.30pm

Big Blogger Q&A

The Big Blogger Q&A isn't so called 'big bloggers' sat at the front thinking they know it all. Nope, it is big in the sense it is 'room wide' questions and answering. If you have a burning question about blogging, in any subject, there will be someone in the room we can pick the brains of. The session speakers will be present so if there is any un-answered questions you need to ask, this is the time to do it. Of course, it will be under the (not so) strict ruling of Laura, who will work the room like a z list celeb with a microphone making sure we don't digress into talking about gin or wine. So, get your thinking caps on and ask whatever you need to know.