#BlogOnXmas 2017 Sessions

Please Note: Sessions can be subject to change and the timetable is not confirmed at this moment.


How To Make Friends & Influence No One

with James Hopes

A terribly useless guide on how to grow your blog using the plethora of essential social media tools at your disposal. By the end of the session, you too could be on the path to being the proud owner of a blog that takes up your entire life, having more followers than you can shake a stick at and still only attracting two family members and a friend from primary school to your blog.

Session 1


Photographing kids

with Sara-Jayne Jones

Learn to See It

They’re fast, they’re fidgety and they’re more temperamental than supermodels.  After a day out/birthday party/blog post shoot with your little ones, do you empty your camera card and want to cry?  Is it too much to ask for beautiful moments to treasure of them growing up? It just takes a little know-how and practice to capture your everyday moments in a style that you love.  Say goodbye to blurry, grey skinned, yellow tinted photographs with no bokeh!  Learn how to consistently capture the images that make you smile - learn to see what you want, before you hit the shutter.

Live Media Pack Building

with Zoe Corkhill

Do you want to know how to throw together a smart & informative media pack together with free online tools? Zoe is going to build one live (eep!), while you can join in with the provided worksheets to draft your own. Learn how to keep your media pack in line with your “personal brand” and add interactive links to make it easy for PRs to email you & visit particular pages on your blog.


Confidence Building - CREATIVE

with Lee Furness

Confidence is a key ingredient to success in business and life.  Are there some areas in your life that you could do with more confidence? Some people had confidence, but over the years lost it while others feel they have never had the confidence that others seem to have. As we know there is literally nothing we can’t do if we have the confidence. If there is something you want to do, but lack of confidence is holding you back join us in this highly interactive workshop. Learn exceptional tips and tricks that will help you look and feel more confident immediately. If you have a story to tell and want to learn how to share it, come and connect with Lee.

Session 2


with Harriet Phoebe Shearsmith

Learn simple and effective ways to grow your followers, build engagement, pitch to brands and make money from your Instagram account. Includes Knowing your worth/what to charge, How to develop a successful profile, Why Instagram is BIG money in 2017 and How to make £300+ from one image.


Wayne Gupta


with Emma Bradley & Lynn James

This is the perfect session for you if you are starting out with monetising your blog be that brand new or a blog that is well established. We will discuss what can be monetised and how to do that. We will talk networking, negotiation, pitching and working with PR agencies. There will be plenty of time for questions and we will have copies of our book Blogging Your Way To Riches available to buy.

Jean Peterson

Content Planning- CREATIVE

with Grace Hall

In this fully interactive session, we’ll explore how understanding your blog’s niche and goals can help you plan great blog content your readers will love. You’ll learn where to go when you need inspiration and how to overcome writers block, how to keep track of your ideas, how to plan around the seasons and use seasonal content to boost your blog traffic year after year. Discover simple long and short term planning strategies to keep your blog content fresh, interesting and relevant, and find out how to plan more of the content that your readers love best. 

Session 3


with John Arnold

John will present a beginner's workshop on how to use Adobe Lightroom to import, organise and edit your photos. You'll learn how Lightroom can help you find the photo you're looking for and how it can improve your pictures without filling up your hard drive. This will be a live demo and questions are welcome.

Catherine Sanchez

Blog Life Balance

with John Adams

John Adams of dadbloguk.com will be talking about blog / life balance. John is a married stay at home dad with two daughters aged eight and four and current holder of Vuleio’s Best UK Dad Blog Award. In this session, he will outline how he combines a busy family life with running a blog, YouTube channel and social media channels. 

John will look at: 

  • How to manage you time so you blog doesn’t take over your life
  • Whether we should refer to work / life balance instead of blog / life balance
  • Where to draw the line between blog life and family life
  • What is and isn’t acceptable to share online
  • Keeping your blog authentic
Arthur Sato


with Mel Knibb

What to expect from this festive photography workshop:

  • An interactive session, full of practical tips. 
  • Ideas you can implement straight away to improve your Christmas photos of food, crafts and children. 
  • Tips on how to style photos quickly so you can tell your story. 
  • What kinds of props to use and where to source them?
  • Natural light in winter?
  • How to use light(s) for a festive effect?
  • An opportunity to practise towards the end of the session.


Session 4

Camera Shy

with Emily Leary

Full of practical exercises and easy to implement tips this talk is for anyone who wants to become more confident in front of the camera. Whether you’ve just started vlogging, tried it and hated it, or are a seasoned vlogger who would just like to relax a little more on screen, Emily Leary will guide you through everything you need to know.

With plenty of advice on how to talk about anything, feel great doing it and love the result there will be plenty of practical challenges, from sitting up straight and smiling to making your own mini vlog - don’t forget your camera phone!

    How to help your ideal audience find you

    with Nicola Louise

    A light, beginner-friendly introduction to optimising your content for readers/search traffic covering things like:

    • How do people search? What types of phrases they use, what they're looking for, where they search (Google, Pinterest, YouTube)
    • What search engines (people!) like to see, and what to avoid
    • Keeping SEO in mind as you create - eg naming photos 
    • Improving old posts 
    • Where it's worth investing more time on SEO vs just publishing and go 
    • Top tips - eg run your headline through a headline analyzer to see if you can improve it
    • SEO for Pinterest 


    with Paperchase & Rebecca English

    If you’re looking for a fun way to wrap a special gift that’s sure to impress your friends and family this Christmas, come along and learn how to make a super cute origami gift box with our Manchester Paperchase Project Craft team!

    They will give you step by step instructions, and not only will you have a great time crafting but you will also walk away with a finished gift box made from the brand new festive papers that will be available at Paperchase this Christmas!


    Session 5

    Get started with live video

    with Michelle Reeves & Ceri Gillet

    "I know I should be doing 'live' video to grow my blog reach but I don't know where to start!" Join Michelle & Ceri for a very practical workshop where you'll learn how to get started with live video on Facebook, Instagram or Periscope from technical tips and tricks to overcoming those go-live nerves. PLUS you'll walk out with your first live video in the bag!

    Comps 101

    with Di Coke

    A beginner's guide to running prize draws and competitions on your blog or social media channels, the session will include tips on writing T&Cs, choosing a giveaway format, and dealing with problems.

    Di wlll also be sharing her '12 Comps of Christmas' - inspiration for your festive giveaways. And of course, there will be the chance to win a prize during the session too!


    Photo Styling- CREATIVE

    with Lucy Heath

    Lucy's session is about how to create everyday content for your blog and social feeds, tips for product photography for sponsored posts and there will be lots of props and backdrops to play with!

    Raffle & Goodbye

    with Founder Laura Seaton & Special Guest

    Time to get your tickets out and win some Christmas presents.